Corpus Christi, TX

Located in Nueces County, Corpus Christi is a city in South Texas and means “Body of Christ” in Ecclesiastical Latin. It’s the largest city in Nueces County, but it also extends into three neighboring counties. Its political boundaries include both the Nueces and Corpus Christi Bays, with zoned boundaries that include small water inlets in Aransas, Kleberg, and San Patricio Counties. With a population of over 300,000 people, Corpus Christi is the eighth most populous city in Texas. It’s also the hub of the Corpus Christi-Kingsville Combined Statistical Area, which includes six different counties.

The original settlement was named by Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, who was a Spanish explorer in 1519. He discovered the area’s semitropical bay on the Christian feast day of Corpus Christi. Since the city was founded, it has annexed nearby lands and waters for the purpose of growth and development. The original area included several city blocks in what is now considered to be the downtown area, but most of its expansion occurred during the 20th Century.

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Garage Floor Coating


Your garage is one of the most important parts of your home. But if you have an outdated, cracked, or sub-standard floor, it can reduce its value and functionality by a significant amount. You can improve the look of your garage floor with a concrete coating — all while adding an exceptional amount of durability.

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There are a number of options for concrete patio coatings, but the choice you make will depend on the type of work you want done. Patio paint will be the least expensive option, but it doesn’t handle wear and tear as well as some of the other options on the market.

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 Resurfacing is a good option if you want to make your existing concrete look brand new. You can apply it directly to the concrete without having to rip anything out. This can save you time, hassle, and money. You can even customize the coating to meet your specific design needs.

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Pool Concrete


While installing and maintaining a pool can be expensive, pool decks and patios are often overlooked. This can create a huge problem for property owners. If you want to make sure that mold, mildew, water, and UV rays don’t cause damage or deterioration, it’s important to seal the concrete surface around your pool.

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Utility Room Coverings
Utility Room


Laundry rooms can be hard to do right. They’re not the largest rooms in a house, but they need to be sturdy. This is especially true for the floor. It needs to handle moisture, heat, spills, and regular activity 

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Stains & Dyes

Colored concrete has been a popular choice for residential properties, so you’re most likely going to see a few colorful driveways or patios on any neighborhood street. In recent years, the same has been true for commercial properties as well. But when it comes to putting color on concrete, it’s important to know about the different product options if you want to get the look you want.

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The Corpus Christi Climate

The city has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and short, mild winters (which lasts from November to February). The city’s warmest months are June through September, with August being the hottest. The city’s overall climate is the same as what most of the Texas Gulf Coast experiences throughout the year, with a monsoon summer from April to October and a dry winter from November to March.

Corpus Christi is very windy, with wind speeds often reaching 25 miles per hour and gusts getting as high as 35 miles per hour. Winter and early spring are typically dry, and the average monthly precipitation is highest in September (which is when the threat of hurricanes and other types of tropical weather are at its peak).

The Corpus Christi Economy

Most Corpus Christi residents work in the service, wholesale, and retail industries as well as in various sectors of government. The Port of Corpus Christi (which is the fifth largest in the country and the deepest on the Gulf of Mexico) processes mostly oil and agricultural products, which drives a good portion of the local economy. A large portion of the city’s economy also includes tourism and pharmaceuticals.

The Naval Air Station provides more than 6,000 civilian jobs to the local population, which makes it the single largest employer in the city. The Corpus Christi Army Depot is the largest helicopter repair facility in the world and is located on the Naval Air Station. The city is also the original home of Whataburger’s corporate headquarters, which has over 650 locations in 10 different states and even Mexico.

Other large employers of the area also include:

  • CHRISTUS Spohn Health System.
  • Corpus Christi Independent School District.
  • Bay Ltd.
  • Stripes Convenience Stores.
  • AEP Texas.

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